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The Land

The Farm Portion 3 of the Farm Syferfontein 925 LS, Transvaal measuring 352,7794ha, is available for development It is situated 35km in the east of Polokwane, abutting Turfloop Nature Reserve to the east. The land is accessible from the north of R71 main route, through Badimong village from the south of the property and University Road (from the north). The land is strategically located within various social amenities such as the University of Limpopo, Churches, Schools, Hospitals, Shopping Centres etc

The development of this land will link Ga-Mamabolo villages with the Mankweng Township, thereby creating access for the people living in this villages to social amenities, sports and recreational facilities within the existing Mankweng Township

The area can be fairly described as a Student town, given its close proximity (within a 5km radius) to the University of Limpopo. Various other social amenities (i.e. shopping centres, hospitals, filling stations, churches etc.) continues to be developed given the influx of students in the area. However, it is evident that the majority of existing types of student accommodation and/or any other rental accommodation in the area are not habitable and for the most parts do not subscribe to the standards and principles enshrined in the National Housing Code. There appears to be a further need for those far away parents to be accommodated anywhere closer to the student accommodation when visiting their student children. Furthermore, one of the biggest churches in South Africa (i.e. Zion Christian Church) is situated within a 5km radius from the site.

Therefore, rental accommodation is also intended, whether periodically or permanently, to service commuting masses in and around the area. Therefore, a typical mixed-use development becomes consequent to address some of the housing challenges that the Leshoane area is facing. Amongst many other factors, the accessibility to the site from the main arterial routes provides a competitive advantage and/or compelling reasons to develop the site. As a result, the development will consist of approximately 1470 Residential 1 units, 2148 Residential 2 units.

Therefore, the development will consist a total of 3 618 units for the proposed types of tenure which will be split as follows:
• RDP/BNG Housing – 294 units;
• Social/Rental Housing – 2148 units;
• GAP/FLISP Housing – 809 units; and
• Freehold Housing – 367 units.

Various other social and commercial amenities will be developed to the immediate north and south of the proposed development site to complement the above mentioned suggested residential units Furthermore, the suggested mix in residential unit will ensure that there is crosssubsidization of both external and internal infrastructure service, to deliver costeffective services, which will ultimately increase affordability for prospective inhabitants.

Type of Tenure

Number of Units

Subsidy per Unit
     (in Rands)
Amount Sought
     (in Rands)
1. RDP/ BNG Housing294R110 947.00R32 618 418.00
2. Social Housing (Rental)2148R156 947.00R337 122 156.00
3. GAP/FLISP Housing809R52 500.00R42 472 500.00
4. Freehold Housing367
    TOTAL3 618R412 213 074.00

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